Matt Jones

Link Notes 8 March 2023

Rishi Sunak ‘extinguishing the right to seek refugee protection in UK’

The United Kingdom has a long history of welcoming and protecting those seeking refuge from conflict and persecution around the world. It’s why the UK is a diverse place.

Sunak and Braverman are pandering to the extreme-right with this disgusting plan to criminalise desperate people seeking a better life.

Shame on all involved.

Ox-Hugo: Org to Markdown for Hugo

For quite a number of years now, this site has been produced using a static-site generator called Hugo. I write Markdown files, run ‘hugo’ and and within a fraction of a second 1800+ posts are packaged up into a set of HTML files ready to deploy. If that wasn’t esoteric enough, I use Emacs with Org Mode to write and manage my posts in one .org file. OrgMode is basically a todo / planner system for Emacs with lots of nerdy features that I’ll never use or fully understand.

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