Matt Jones

A note about simplicity, privacy and this website

Simple bicycle gear shifters
Simple bicycle gear shifters Credit: Markus Spiske · Public Domain CC0

I’ve built this website to be simple, highly optimised, accessible and to respect you by not tracking you. There are no third-party scripts being loaded that have the potential to track you and all of the code and assets are being loaded from the same public html directory on the server.

I’ve also disabled the server access logs which usually record IP address, user agent, page visited and referring URL etc. If you’re reading this, I know nothing about you and have no record of your visit. I think service providers and anyone publishing online should operate like this more.

So instead of knowing about you via analytics and server logs, how about more meaningful communications? If you have a website or blog that takes a similar approach email me at, say hello and maybe we can build a network of similar independent sites.

In the mid-nineties, there was the concept of the ‘webring’, where site owners linked to other sites around the same theme or topic. Before RSS, subscriptions and follows, it was an early social network and publishing platform, albeit rather rudimentary.

Maybe the old ideas are the best.