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Link Notes 1 May 2020

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Irina Iriser · Public Domain

Raspberry Pi unveils $50 interchangeable-lens camera board

Raspberry Pi have launched an interchangeable-lens board which will open up a range on new and interesting uses for this famous little computer. With various adaptors, it will allow for the use of any Canon and Nikon lens.

While the quality of the lens is important, the quality of the images mostly relies on the sensor, so that may be a limiting factor.

City leaders aim to shape green recovery from coronavirus crisis

While cities in Europe, the US, South America and Africa invest in initiatives to reallocate space for walking and cycling, most UK towns and cities don't seem to be moving in this direction at all. Much like the lockdown itself, it's going to take a directive from central government if were are going to see any of the necessary changes to our streets in the UK.