Matt Jones

Link Notes 26 April 2020

Unopened road, North Tyneside 2009
Unopened road, North Tyneside 2009 Credit: MAtt Jones · CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

In Febrary 2020, a legal team blocked the expansion of Heathrow when they successfully appealed for the plans to be ruled illegal because they didn’t meet the UK’s obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement.

The same team is now campaiging against the Governments £28.8 billion plan to expand the UK’s road network, claiming that the plan breaches climate and air quality laws.

If Andromeda Were Brighter, This is What You’d See

Andromeda - being the closest galaxy to our own Milky Way -is quite easy to spot, especially on a clear, moonless night with little light pollution. However the object we can see is just its bright core, not the surrounding swirls of its spiral arms.

If Andromeda was brighter - or human eyes were more sensitive to light - it would actually appear about four times larger than the moon in the night sky. If there are any of our ancestors around on the planet in a few billion years (doubtful), Andromeda will fill the night sky because our galaxy is on collision course with it.