Matt Jones

Playing music

In 2020 I started making electronic music, mainly as a more creative way to unwind during lockdown evenings.

It’s mainly quite meditative stuff, inspired by the early pioneers of electronic music: Laurie Spiegel, Pauline Oliveros and also the early work of Steve Reich.These musicians either used tape loops or sequencers to experiment with melody, harmony and rhythm.

My latest live piece used two step-sequencers (software the triggers a set of notes over a number of bars). Each sequencer was in a different odd time signature and they were pitched a fifth interval apart.

Both sequencers controlled a single synth. Then I controlled both the sequencer and the synth using the a single media keyboard contoller, improvising in C minor with delay and other effects.

I get the sense that for those early experimental musicians, making their music was about breaking compositional rules and about play and discovery with the new technology at the time.