Matt Jones


At last, I’ve finally knocked this site into a shape I’m happy with. You’ll find no crufty div soup round here. It’s all HTML5 goodness and it works on IE8 and IE7 using Remy Sharp’s magic HTML5 enabling script.

I found HTML5 to be a bit odd at first, but as I started experimenting with it, the simplicity and meaningfulness of HTML5 mark-up started to sink in. The best way to think of the new elements is something like this:

Then, instead of using IDs and classes, you use CSS selectors to select parts of the document tree to style. I found the W3C’s table of CSS3 selectors invaluable for this. I’ve mainly used CSS2 selectors for compatibility with IE and older versions of Firefox.

I’ve also made use of the @font-face selector to embed Museo font for the heading styles. There’s a good list of free fonts available for embedding on the Web Fonts Wiki.

I must give credit to Croc Camen and Alex Gibson for their inspiring work with HTML5. I haven’t had this much fun with web design in years.