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Marketing Cheese

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If you've ever seen a Wallace & Gromit film, you'll know that we British like our Cheese, and that many localities of the British Isles are proud of their cheese heritage; Cheshire, Leicester, Wenselydale and Stilton to name but a few.

I grew up on the border between Cheshire and Shropshire, so Shropshire Blue cheese was regularly on my dinner plate. The locals like to think of it as their local version of the venerable Stilton - a cheese who's origin dates back to the early 18th century. Unfortunately for the locals, Shropshire Blue harbours a nasty secret: it was invented 1970s in Inverness and it's origin has nothing to do with Shropshire. Yes, it's the Marketeers who named it Shropshire Blue to make it more appealing to us English.

If you tell a Shropshire resident this piece of trivia, it's likely that they won't believe you, such is the power of Marketing to ingrain complete misconceptions into millions of people.