Matt Jones

Multi-touch is only innovative when Apple does it?

What follows is a revised comment I recently made on Reddit:

It's strange that when [Jeff Han]( demonstrated his Multi-touch technology in 2006, everyone said how pioneering it was, and now that Microsoft are releasing similar technology, called [Surface](, people seem to be ridiculing it as a 'big-ass table'. To me this satirical ad smacks of hypocrisy by someone who - I suspect - would be first in the queue if Apple released something similar. Of course there are applications for this type of interface, as Jeff Han demonstrated in 2006. In fact, I'm puzzled by the connection between Han's product and Surface, and after digging around the Web I haven't come up with a conclusive link between the technologies. I do know that Microsoft have a really bad image problem and they are desperate to be seen as innovators like Apple. Could it be that MS have licensed this technology from Jeff Han, with a deal that allows MS to state that they are the innovators?