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Do schools kill creativity?

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In a stunning talk for the TED conference last year, Sir Ken Robinson argues that our education system is based on old fashioned ideas of achievement; that the goal of education is to put titles before and after our names, rather than equip children for a changing world. He argues that creativity is educated out of us, and creative subjects such Art, Drama and Dance are very much secondary to more ‘academic’ subjects such as Languages and Sciences.

I experienced this process as I progressed through the education system, and I'm seeing its effects in my current place of work, where productivity is blighted by a lack of creative thinking. Furthermore, I know many people for who School education did not work, yet I consider them to be incredibly intelligent people. Robinson talks about a spectrum of intelligence in our society, however it seems that only a small part of this spectrum is addressed in our schools.

A better quality version of the presentation is at the TED site.