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The Outsider

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What do you get if you cross the 1980s classic Acornsoft game Elite with Grand Theft Auto? A game called ‘The Outsider', by David Braben.

At first it seems impossible to liken these two games; one a relatively slow-paced first-person space trading game with primitive (by today's technology anyway) graphics, and the other a violent third-person thuggery simulator.

But then you remember that just as you can wreak havoc and then suffer the consequences by having a load of police on your tail in Grand Theft Auto, you could do exactly the same thing in Elite; and the more you think about it, the more similarities these two games have.

So, The Outsider is a game that seems graphically similar to GTA, but will be bring gameplay elements of Elite into the fold. The character you play is even called ‘Jameson’.