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Dropping the Musical Baton

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Phil has passed the baton to me, so I'll oblige. Who started this meme anyway?

Total volume of music on my computer:

2.5Gb (size isn't everything you know)

Last CD I bought:

Frank's Wild Years by Tom Waits

Song playing right now:

Joy by Four Tet (great track that opens his new album, the rest of it doesn't quite hit the mark though)

5 songs that I listen to a lot or mean something to me:

  1. Dracula Mountain by Lightning Bolt

  2. Night Train of Valhalla by John Fahey

  3. Taking of Pelham 123 (Main Title) by David Shire

  4. Overnight by Gonzales

  5. Pinball Number Count(DJ Food Re-edit) by Walt Kraemer

Er… Am I supposed to pass the baton on now? Stu? Mal? Kev?