Matt Jones

Huygens Descent Video Mash-up

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At one of the ESA press conferences, the audience was played a clip of audio produced by converting radio echos received by Huygens into sound, after which the conference announcer said it was ‘the best techno music I’ve ever heard’.

Using the raw image data from Huygens, I thought I’d make a video for the track. I used wget to download all 367 images and added them to my iPhoto library. From there I could easily edit them together with the audio using iMovie.

The raw images reminded the of those received by the Russian Venera-9 probe after it landed on Venus is in 1975; they are glitchy and have low resolution. Of course, they are like gold to the ESA scientists but without processing, it’s difficult to discern anything from them.

The video is perhaps an obvious interpretation of the sound and images from Huygens, but I had fun making it. It’s shorter than the original audio clip released by ESA because I couldn’t think of a way of ending it without giving the viewer a headache (if it doesn’t already). However, I might finish it one day.