Matt Jones

The SHGb02+14a Debacle

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SHGb02+14a is the unexplained signal from space detected by the Seti@Home project. It was New Scientist that had the story, quoting Dan Werthimer - chief scientist for the project - as saying ‘It's the most interesting signal from SETI@home. We're not jumping up and down, but we are continuing to observe it’. The article suggested general excitement with a hint of skepticism among the scientists involved.

It's strange then that David Whitehouse, in a report for BBC Online quoted Werthimer as saying ‘It's all hype and noise. We have nothing that is unusual. It's all out of proportion’. There's also this piece on the Planetary Society site which suggests that New Scientist is to blame for exaggerating the issue. Remind me to never visit the New Scientist site for accurate and balanced reports on science and technology.