Matt Jones

Pictures from The Surface of Whitley Bay

Or wherever my travels take me.

I bought a digital camera a few weeks ago; the first time I’ve bought one that doesn’t sacrifice image quality for sheer novelty factor. It’s a refurbished Digital IXUS II from the Canon Outlet Store on eBay (highly recommended if you’re after a bargain digital compact).

So with a new means of taking pictures and a returned interest in photography (after having studied the subject for three years!), I’ve resurrected to be a photo log (heavily inspired by Heather Champ and

I decided to use Folderblog to power it, for the ease with which it can be set up and the fact that it doesn’t use MySQL which my web server seems to struggle with just slightly. I had to hack it a bit to provide user friendly URLs and I’m still working on getting the template right. Also, I may add an RSS/Atom feed if I get round to it.

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