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Kinja Ninja

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Kinja is a new web application that allows users to keep track of their favourite weblogs and news sources in one easy-to-digest, uh… digest. While using the site, there's no mention of technical terms such as aggregrator, feed, Atom or RSS as it's designed for everyone, not just those who understand what those terms mean.

Developed my Meg Hourihan with a team of developers, and financially backed by Nick Denton, Kinja takes its place as part Denton's crop of weblog ventures which includes Gawker, Gizmodo and Fleshbot. Clearly, with these sites, Denton is trying to bring the weblog format to a mass audience and make money from advertising as he does it. Unlike these other sites though, Kinja isn't edited in-house, it relies on external content producers and their rss/atom feeds to populate the site. As a personal tool for feed aggregation, Kinja's advertising model seems sound, although I'm slightly puzzled by this in relation to the Editor's Digests; if your weblog is entered under one of the categories, and your content appears alongside adverts from which someone else profits, would you be happy about that?

Maybe I got out of the wrong side of bed this morning.