Matt Jones

Feeding the News Habit

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Recently, I've been using Steve Minutillo's server side RSS / Atom aggregator Feed on Feeds for all my news gathering needs. Having become used to using 3-pane desktop aggregators like NetNewsWire and more recently Pears (a cross-platform desktop aggregator written in Python), I assumed that browser based readers would offer a poorer user experience. However, using Feed on Feeds, it's clear that the browser window is a great place to check your news subscriptions, mainly because you can access them from any web enabled device. Having your aggregator set up on a publicly accessible server does mean that it's open to abuse, so you do have password protect the folder it's sitting in, but limitations aside, it's a great piece of software. This page has instructions on how to install Feed on Feeds as well as how to set up a Cron job to periodically check your subscriptions.