Matt Jones

Safari 1.1 and Text Shadow

The new version of Safari (1.1) is the only browser that supports the text-shadow CSS property (as demoed here courtesy of This is a great example of a property that will degrade gracefully on browsers that don’t support it; Safari users will get nicely rendered text with the shadow effect while other browser users will just see the nicely rendered text.

It’s good to see Safari progressing by including previously unsupported properties like this, however, there is a problem: Safari 1.1 is not available for Jaguar. Ian Lloyd at The Web Standards Project thinks this is a big issue:

Now, when Microsoft announced that it was cancelling future development on IE , everyone was up in arms. Want a new version of IE ? You’ll have to wait until the next operating system comes out, mate. People across the web were really hacked off that they would have to buy a whole operating system to get the new browser. Strangely, this is precisely the situation with Safari 1.1 – yet where are the protests?

I don’t think the situation is quite as bad as Ian is suggesting and I’m expecting Safari 1.1 for Jaguar to be released once the dust has settled on the Panther launch. If this doesn’t happen however, I’d be pretty disappointed with Apple.