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Kraftwerk: Tour de France 2003

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When people ask what the first record I ever bought was, I can proudly say that it was Tour de France by Kraftwerk, which was an EP released in July 1983 to coincide with France's famous cycle race. I seem to remember that it was a co-purchase between my brothers and I; we liked the music on Channel 4's TV coverage of The Tour so much that we found out what it was, pooled our pocket money, went to Woolworths Boots and bought it. After listening to it, I wished we hadn't then proceeded to use it as a frisbee because it might be worth something by now.

Anyway, 20 years later, Kraftwerk are re-recording Tour de France for a new album (their first in 17 years!), the release of which is to coincide with this years Tour. After not being particularly impressed with Expo 2000, I hope Kraftwerk are getting back to the level of innovation they demonstrated with their music 20+ years ago.

Incidentally, the second record I ever bought was Star Trekkin’ by The Firm, but I think we'll just brush that one aside for now.

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Update- Here's the Tour de France 03 video: