Matt Jones

Google and the Blog Noise Problem

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I'm not sure if this is Andrew Orlowski having another snipe at weblogs or there is real substance in his suggestion that Google will be removing blog content from its main search results.

In 1999, Google bought and in doing so acquired a database containing 20 years worth of Usenet conversation which it then made searchable via the ‘groups’ tab. was a site that enabled users to search through and post to the Usenet; in effect it was a web based interface to a technology that was 20 years older than the web itself. This distinction between the web and the Usenet is important, because it has bearing on Orlowski's assertion that because Google have acquired Blogger, they will - as in the case of the Deja acquisition - index blog content seperately and give it its own unique search form. Weblogs are not another subsection of the Internet as in the case of the Usenet, they are a dynamic part of the web itself and are valuable as a means with which the web of information can be kept relevant and interesting.

I think compartmentalising the web by removing blog generated content from the Google search results is a very bad idea and I'm hoping that this suggestion is mere sensationalism on behalf of Orlowski.