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Sony Speaker

Sony speakers, possibly from the 60s and later procured cheaply from some dusty second-hand furniture shop are now hanging in the kitchen. They are wired through to my Mac, allowing for all sorts of electronic media to spit and fuzz forth somewhere above the cooker. Here's my listening choice of BBC radio streams:

Mixing It

      Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present the latest experimental music. Check out their excellent media archive at the bottom of the page

Late Junction.

      Fiona Talkington presents an eclectic mix of music from around the world.

Just A Minute.

      The original panel improvisation game with Nicholas Parsons.

Hearing Colours, Seeing Sounds

      A series of programmes about Synaesthesia, the bizarre condition whereby the sufferer(?) experiences a mixing of the senses.  

What Remains to be Discovered?

A study of the future of science.