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Do Androids

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Stu pointed me in the direction of [](”<br) “>this interview with Tessa, Chris and Renea Dick: respectively, the former wife, son and daughter-in-law of Philip K. Dick. It gives insight into the way PKD worked as well giving some opinion on the various films that have been based on his books. I've read quite a few of Dick's novels but it is only recently that I picked up ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’; I kind of stalled reading it because I thought I knew the story, it being the novel on which Blade Runner is based. I was wrong; the book is very different from the film, so much so that I think it could be re-made as a film that follows the book more closely. It wouldn't have to share the future-noir ambience of Blade Runner; the darkness is suggested in the novel, but Ridley Scott really took this and amplified it for cinematic effect in the film. There's no doubt that Blade Runner is a great piece of cinema, but it really did skim the surface of the themes explored in the book. Maybe ‘Do Androids…’ can't be properly translated into a film, although I'd really like to see another director have a go.