Matt Jones

Back To The Fifties

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The Green Goddess was originally designed to aid UK civilians in extinguishing fires after a nuclear attack; it's a symbol of steadfast resilience in the face of human tragedy and devastation. Maybe I've read one too many novels set in a post-nuclear world, but I can just imagine one of these things rumbling around an empty colourless city; like the black and white sci-fi serials on the BBC during the 50s and 60s, such as Dr Who and Quatermass. Nearly 50 years later, due to a national strike by the Fire Brigade Union, the Green Goddess is being used as a replacement to the modern Fire Engine; hundreds of them have been brought out of storage to respond to emergency calls throughout the UK. Tomorrow, they will return to their sheds and sit in wait until the next Fire Brigade Union strike; or a strike of a completely different and terrifying nature. But let's not think about that.