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A Competition

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Amongst other things, I had planned on a bit of an over-haul and front-end redesign of Plink: Syndicated Music Recommendations, but as you may have gathered just recently, I've been rather busy with arguably more important things in life like moving house. So, instead of me doing all the hard work, I've decided to start a competition for all you CSS wizards out there [who may have the odd hour or two spare] to design one instead, here it is:

Design a screen-based stylesheet for Plink. The most visually pleasing stylesheet will win a copy of the album recommended at the competitions closing date which is the 30th of November 2002. All submissions will be available for selection as alternate stylesheets on the main page. I've provided a template file containing an embedded stylesheet for you to work with [view source, copy and paste]. Have fun!

  1. The first submission comes from Kev at Sorehead. Clean, simple and significantly easier on the eye than the current design.

  2. This tasty l'il pink number has been submitted by Tommy Hulme.