Matt Jones

The Death of Film

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The new Canon Eos 1DS shoots at a resolution of 11.1 Megapixels, a figure which - according to some - spells the end for photographic film. While large format film may be untouched by CMOS chips, prints from 35mm and Medium Format film seem to be being surpassed in image quality. A friend of mine is a freelance photographer who is lucky enough to own a high-end Canon digital camera. While its output isn't as high as the 1DS, he's sure that he will never go back to using film. This was the same person who, as a fellow photography student a few years ago, was sure that he'd never pick up one of those new fangled digital cameras. The traditional photographic process has remained unchanged for almost 200 years, and while it will live on amongst enthusiasts, digital cameras will continue on the path to supremacy.