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Cocoa Gestures

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Cocoa Gestures allows you to control OS X Cocoa apps with gestures of the mouse. Here's some information on how to set it up with a tablet [the documentation currently doesn't mention this] as well as some general tips:

  1. After downloading the Cocoa Gestures disk image, copy the InputManagers folder to your Library.

  2. Open your tablet's preferences panel; if you're using a Wacom tablet, this will be in your Applications folder under ‘Wacom’.

  3. Select Tool Button options and choose one of your pen's side buttons to be a modifier [shift, option, control or command]. For this example, we'll choose ‘shift’.

  4. Open a Cocoa Application like Chimera Navigator and from the menu, select ‘Navigator > Cocoa Gestures’.

  5. Configure the preferences to make mouse gestures with the left mouse button [remember that by default, pressing the pen against the tablet corresponds as a left mouse button click] and select ‘shift’ as the modifier.

  6. Cocoa Gestures has a number of in-built gestures for different Cocoa apps, but you'll have to configure your own if you want really useful and intuitive gestures for each app.

      Here are some useful gestures I have configured for Navigator:

The gestures allow for a certain amount of fluidity, so ‘right, down, left, up, right’ is really just a circular motion with the pen / mouse.

Cocoa gestures may seem a little unnecessary at first, but as you as you configure it with commands you use regularly, it becomes invaluable.