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Encouraging Rural Entrepreneurs

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Introducing a site I've been working on over the last few months, Encouraging Rural Entrepreneurs offers support and training to people who would like to set up their own business in rural County Durham, England. Without the benefits that living in a city gives to those who would like to turn their idea into a business, this site aims to foster community between like-minded people and keep potential rural entrepreneurs in close contact with those that can help them. Most of the content requires registration and the site isn't intended for people outside of the North East of England, but there is still some content on the pre-registration pages that can be viewed.

The site is written in valid XHTML 1, uses CSS to control layout and styling and is Level A approved with the WAI Content Accessibility Guidelines. Building it has been far from easy, and while I can't claim that every single dynamically generated page validates, I think it demonstrates that the application of standards and pure CSS to larger websites can be achieved.