Matt Jones

Directional Thinking

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Whether you are conscious of it or not, when you think about something, your eyes always move in a certain direction; this is called CLEM [conjugate lateral eye movement]. In the early 70s, a scientific study found that looking to the left is associated with visual thinking, and looking to the right is associated with symbolic thinking. I'm told that when I'm deep in thought about something, my eyes always move to my left, indicating that I'm a visual thinker. This could explain why I find things like programming and math[s] quite difficult; I just haven't got the level of symbolic / logical thinking required to juggle many things round in my brain at once. I think some kind of survey would be useful here; one which would associate direction of eye movement to the persons occupation. While I haven't got the time or the means to do such a survey, here's a quick poll to find out which of you are lefties and which are righties:

When you pause to think about something, do you look to the left, or to the right?