Matt Jones

Bread... Milk... The Lord Of The Rings DVD

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I was browsing in His Master's Voice the other day; there were umpteen copies of The Lord of the Rings DVD just near the entrance - an expected location for a newly released DVD of a popular film I thought. However, during the course of last week, the DVD appeared in places I didn't expect to see it. I went to Waterstones - a book shop - and there they were, flying off the shelves and into hands of eager fans [this must be the place where people who've actually read the book get their copies]. I went to the petrol station to refuel my car, and there was Frodo, Gandalf et al staring at me from the pay counter next the reduced-price Cadbury's Cream Eggs and the Duracells. I wondered where else I might see them: in newsagents, post offices, shoe shops, pasty shops… on specialised Lord of The Rings vending machines. The bad news is that the 30 disc edition comes out soon; you won't be able to see for the darn things.