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I thought Minority Report made for good Saturday afternoon entertainment, but it didn't really meet my expectations. Spielberg did a decent job of representing Philip K. Dick's strange vision of the future onto the big screen, but yet again, he makes you leave the cinema with the film wrapped up for you and finished off with a nice ribbon. I want to leave the cinema with my head saturated with the film; I want something to chew on, something that zonks my brain for a while as I walk home. Instead, my walk was spent thinking about the washing-up and the fact that I've never left a Spielberg film fully satisfied. The film gripped me until it turned into The Fugitive; from there it had its ups and downs including some classic Spielberg silliness - pre-crime might happen, but human glazzies will never roll along like ping pong balls. Of course, I liked the cinematography and the acting was good, but I think Spielberg could have made a more intelligent film with the material he had.

If you liked Minority Report and you want to read some books by Philip K. Dick, then The World Jones Made is a good introduction. It contains many of the themes from Minority Report, including a pre-cog called Jones who constantly sees one year into future. I wish I could do that.