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Here's a response from Warwick University regarding my last post:‘Please do not believe all you read in the newspapers. The Daily Mail for instance could not even get my name right! -the University is actually

actively encouraging students to put out their flags during the world

cup and their are many university posters around the campus saying this.

All we asked was that they wait until the world cup starts, which of

course it has now begun the England team are now on site, and to take

them down when the world cup is over.

Out of our 18,000 students only 6 refused to wait and refused to take

their flags and bunting down until the World cup campaign had started

which of course it has now with England arriving in Korea. IF those 6

want to be unco-oparative that's sad but fine - we are leaving them to


As for non externally visible flags they can have them up in their

rooms whenever they like - there have never been restrictions on this.

We restrict external flags to special occasions such as Royal events


The University has no problem with UK flags - if you look at the

University's home page You will even see a link to the

world cup stuff and a St George's cross and a history of the flag so we

clearly do not believe in that politically correct nonsense about the

flags upsetting other nationalities or being racist.Peter Dunn

Press Officer

University of Warwick’