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Online Shopping

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WarpMart really need to sort out the sign-up process for their online shopping system. I tried to pre-order a copy of Boards of Canada's forthcoming album Geodaddi, but being a rather forgetful person, I couldn't remember my password, so I had to sign up again. I was proceeding without hitch until I decided to set the delivery address different to the invoice address, then it all lapsed into a useability nightmare resulting in my decision to buy the damn thing from a shop in town when it's released. Online shopping should be made as simple as possible, otherwise people are going to take their business elsewhere. Amazon have the right idea with the dangerous one-click system; once all your details are in, all it takes is an itchy finger to press the button and that Stanley Kubrick DVD boxset is on its way to your door. Posteverything have a simple and easy-to-use shopping system with no sign-up process and none of that one-click stuff; just choose the album, securely enter address and credit card info and that's it. So why aren't all shopping systems as simple as that?