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Well, I've been wondering [see last post] and here's what I think the iMac 2 will be… this will be the end of the speculation, I promise:Apple need a breakthrough Macintosh, and I think the iMac 2 will go some way to reaching the level impact the original iMac had when it was released. One thing that is definite about the keynote speech next week is that Steve Jobs will say that the iMac 2 will truly be the ‘centre of your digital lifestyle'. However, there has been a problem with this campaign over the past few months: lifestyle doesn't just mean sitting infront of a desktop machine, or hunched over an iBook on the train to work. We all aspire to a lifestyle of activity and health and Apple want to bring their digital products into this. The iPod was one step towards this; a small, pocket-sized mp3 player that you can take with you and use anywhere. This is why I think the iMac 2 will be a computer based on a series of portable modules:

So… there are my predictions. Even if I'm a mile out, I've had fun thinking about it.