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Could this be the greatest word game since Countdown?What you need:

How to play:

  1. You must enter a search query using just 2 words. When you submit the query, you must only get one result back.

  2. When you have found that elusive one result, enter the words individually into Google and see how many results they each return.

  3. Now multiply the 2 numbers together to get your Googlewhack score.

Here's an example of Googlewhack:“viridian nunberg” = 1 Result

“viridian” = 53,000

“nunberg” = 5,450

53,000×5,450 = 293,755,000Of course, this Googlewhack won't last for long because I've just blogged it and so have other people. But this means the game will get more difficult as time goes on. More info here.