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Finally got round to watching A.I. a few days ago…. oh dear. In his films, Stanley Kubrick trod a fine line between traditional narrative structure and near incomprehensibility. Imagine a gymast deftly and gracefully somersaulting on a high beam; the movement is completely controlled but at the same time ‘on the edge’. With A.I., Spielberg is wobbling all over the place, until he comes off at the end with a nasty crash [sorry about that rather strange analogy folks, it just drifted into my brain]. I was quite enjoying the film up until the Flesh Fayre sequence which unfortunately looked like something out of Mad Max. From there, it just went into a rather lame Pinnochio rehash finishing up with a silly epilogue which I'm not even going to talk about, watch it yourself [on video*]. *harsh, I know. I've recently upgraded Max OS X to version 10.1 and the overall improvement is immense. If you're thinking about upgrading, do it straight away; although I recommend you read as much online documentation as you can beforehand, as I gather that many people have had problems with the upgrade process.