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The unbelievable news of the day is that Star Wars Episode II is going to be called ‘Attack of the Clones!’ [I've added the exclamation mark for effect]. I expect Lucas’ response to the criticism that will no doubt be hurled at him will be something like: ‘Star Wars is - and always was - a comic book adventure aimed at kids’. In other words, titles like ‘Attack of the Clones’ and ‘The Phantom Menace’ are perfectly acceptable for such comic-book stories. Lucas is evidently trying to bind the nostalgic sentiments of reading comic books as a child [especially if you were a child in the ‘50s], to the big budget special-effect laden sci-fi epic. Others would argue that Lucas is further transposing reality [remember the horrifying racial stereotyping in Episode I] to the Star Wars saga; there is an unnerving correlation between this new title and recent developments in the news. No matter what the reasoning is, people will still flock to see the film. Lucas can afford to give his films daring [if silly] titles.