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The Joy of Digital Media

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Enthusing a bunch of 30 half interested kids about the joys of digital media is a definite up-hill struggle. As I was giving a talk to a group of sixth form students in Sunderland today, I realised that trying to shape their minds into my way of thinking about the web was probably the wrong thing to do. I talked about my route into the new media industry, how I got there via a degree in photography and how important it is to maintain a sense of individuality in this deep sea of conformity that surrounds us. Of course, I told them that one of the best things they could possibly do was learn how to get their own site and make it good, after all, someone in this new generation of web designers has to help stop the web from getting squished under the large boot of the Microsoft/AOL monstrosity. Anyway, I expect most of them were not particularly interested in what I had to say, but you never know… I might have plied a neuron in some young persons mind sufficiently to enable them to be a future guardian of the WWW. If so, it was worth it. ::. I am not sure, but I think I spotted Requiem for Dream on DVD for a tenner in HMV today, I was travelling on a downward escalator at the time, hence my slight uncertainty. I might have to go back in tomorrow and check, although after a search of it seems that it does not exist yet. I dislike HMV as they usually charge an extortionate amount of money for their CDs, but if Requiem for a Dream is there, and it really is that cheap, I can not really say no.