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Mice Parade

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If you like Tortoise, you'll most definitely enjoy Mokoondi by Mice Parade… a very nice listen indeed. ::. In an attempt to improve my sense of well being [whatever that is], I'm making a concious effort to consume more fruit and vegetables and less junk… speaking of which, since when did Cadbury's Boost bars cease to contain peanuts? I had my suspicions when I read this on the wrapper: “Warning, this product may contain traces of peanut”… eh? Further investigation led to my realisation that what I thought were peanuts were actually small pieces of biscuit made to look like peanuts. The worrying thing is that Boost bars still taste like peanuts, which is either a result of some kind of pavlovian conditioning, or they are putting nasty E number flavourings in them. All this goes to show that I haven't got a clue what I'm eating half the time and I'm sure the same can be said for most of us.