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To Rococco Rot

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Whilst watching To Roccoco Rot play live on Friday night, I was reminded greatly of German electropop pioneers Kraftwerk. Mind you, they are from Berlin, so that probably explains it. Sufficient to say that they were astounding and I would have been happy enough if the night's music had finished at the end of their set, but no… after To Rococco Rot, we were treated to quite possibly the most awesome set of music Newcastle has ever seen [ok… so that may be a bit of an overstatement]. Two musicians Rob Mazurek and Chad Taylor - aka The Chicago Underground Duo - came on stage late because they'd just had a ten hour drive up from London. After the brilliance of To Rococco Rot, no-one quite expected the quality of the music they were about to see performed. Armed with a Moog synth, an array of effects widgets, a trumpet, a vibraphone and a set of drums, the duo played music that was so good it was just plain silly. I'm not really a musician myself [I try to play guitar like Nick Drake but fail on all levels], but I appreciate good musicianship when I see it and the drummer - Chad Taylor - was just incredible. The good news is that if you are reading this before 2300hrs [GMT] on Sunday, then you just have time to watch a live stream of their gig in Leeds shown live on the BBC website… catch it if you can.