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This last week has seen the fewest postings to this site since I started it 7 months ago. I think it's because summer has finally arrived here in the northeast and I have this strange compulsion to actually get off my computer and go outside and sit in the sunshine ::. Matmos’ album ‘A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure’ is certainly not for the faint hearted - most of the noises on it are recorded from plastic surgery operations in California. You can imagine it went down like a lead balloon when I played to my colleagues at work. But I like it, if only as an exercise in faultless sound recording - these guys can really make a liposuction machine sound catchy. ::. At the end of June, I'm giving a talk to a group of 60 sixth form students about the web / new media. As well as giving them the usual guff about how exciting it all is, I going to tell them that the best thing they can possibly do to get involved is to get their own site and keep it interesting.