Matt Jones

Actionscript Headache

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Actionscript fries my brain. I thought I could get away with it, but now it looks as though I'm going to have to learn it. It would make sense really, I suppose the possession of core programming skills is quite essential in what I do. I've always tried to avoid programming because I don't think my brain is quite up to it. Ask me to work out maths, algebra or logic and my brain goes all sluggish…like all the greymatter has been removed and has been replaced by a large soft ball of wool. I can't even add two double-figure numbers together without having to really think about it first. Of course, computers make life easy for our brains - we store chunks of information; phone numbers, email addresses and other text in our computers memory instead of our own, so our brains never get exercised properly. Our brains are like couch potatoes, absorbing information and letting something else do the hard work while it relaxes with it's feet up… ‘Hey brain… would you like another Pringle?'.