Matt Jones

Pushing my Luck

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Dammit… I knew I was pushing my luck with IE5/Win and that graphic to the left. For those of you using IE5.0, you'll notice that this image has gone a bit awry. This is because I decided to put a drop shadow on the image and the only way to blend it in was to incorporate some of the table formatting in the bitmap itself. Of course, if Microsoft bothered to implement png compatibility into IE5.x/Win, I wouldn't have this problem; I'd just create an image with partial transparency in Fireworks, save it as a 32bit png file and Bob's your uncle. I might just do it anyway and suggest that people on a PC use Netscape 6 instead. It also looks as though IE5/Win is resizing the table cells on the left even though I have told it not to. Hmmmm. Bare with me while I iron out the flaws… normal service will resume soon.