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Phew… it's been a struggle, but here it is: the all new This site is now more standards compliant than ever before [validated to XHTML1.0] and should load like the proverbial ‘muck’ off a shovel now that I have streamlined everything. However, I have absolutely no idea what the page looks like on anything other that IE5 for the Mac… I've only got the W3C HTML Validator to trust. In an ideal world, this should be all I need… unfortunately, life isn't like that is it? Maybe one day.
I've still got a bit more work to do though, like get the archives linked up, replace those images on the right [stuff from the old design], and add some more content to the bottom of the page, but that's about it. Overall, I think it's an improvement… more ‘chunky’ I reckon. Anyway… enough geek talk, standby for more of the usual - comment and links on stuff that matters: art, design, photography, science, technology, music, everything.