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Paul Auster

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Being a fan of the work of Paul Auster [author of The New York Trilogy, Leviathan etc.], I was chuffed to discover that he has directed a film called ‘Lulu On The Bridge'. I waited patiently for the film to appear somewhere [either on the cinema screens or ‘straight to video’] only to discover that no-one was willing to distribute it [at least in the UK anyway]. This was probably because either a) It doesn't have the mass appeal of mainstream pap or b) It was generally a bad film. Either way, I would like to see it on the strength of Smoke / Blue In The Face [two films which he wrote/co-directed with Wayne Wang]. At last, it looks as though something is happening, and as my good friend Stu [who originally got me into Auster's writing] reports, a trailer can be found here. Let me know if you have seen this film and what you thought of it.