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A.I Day

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OK… lets make it ‘official artificial intelligence day’ [all but one of the links have been shamelessly stolen from the site of Matthew Yee-King, so in return, I thought I'd plug his stuff on the Rephlex label]:

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Time for real intelligence

          [learning by imitation](  


    [HONDA "HUMAN" ROBOT movie](  


    [Neural Networks Source Code](  

    [MIT AI Lab: The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT](  


    [Robot - Robot Kits, Robotics, and Toy Robots](  

    [Robot Information Central](  

    [Shape Changing Robot Applications](  

    [Robot Battle](  

    [Internet Robotics Sources](  

    [Evolutionary Robotics Chapter 3](  

    [Kazuo HOSOKAWA](  

    [A Behavior-Based Multiple Robot System with Host for Object Manipulation](  

    [CSCI 599 - Mobile Robots and Multi-Robot Systems](  

    [Swarm Release](  

    [Multi-Agent Approaches in Robotics and Learning in Multi-Agent Systems](  

    [ICMAS 1995 Proceedings Contents](  


    [Mobile Robot Laboratory On-line Publications](  

    [Self-Organization in Large Populations of Mobile Robots: Review of Litterature](  

    [Linux AI & Alife Mini-Howto](  

    [Lynne Parker's Publications List](  

    [Directory of /ai-publications/1000-1499/AITR-1465](  

    [Graduate students who is who in robotics](  

    [RoboCup Official Site](  

    [Beth and Alessio homepage](  

    [Meet AIBO](