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Bezier Tool

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Teaching students how to use the Bezier tool in Illustrator is damned tricky. It's one of those things that takes a while to master and when you do get good at it, it becomes second nature to do loads of fancy key presses that do different things. I made the mistake of teaching it in reverse; I showed them all these keyboard shortcuts before explaining the tool itself. It confused a few people, but I think they appreciated the fact that I was willing to assume they weren't all halfwits and that they'd pick it up quickly. Thankfully they did and unlike me they can actually draw (Design students are all good drawers), so I'm sure they will put the Bezier tool to good use (I tend to use it to simply trace over things because I'm a useless drawer).


I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend away from the screen (although I have got a big bag load of work to do including finshing off this site, so the irresistable lure of the computer might get the better of me if I'm not careful). I'm definately going to the Tyneside Cinema to check out Memento, which looks like a pretty interesting film (if you've seen it let me know), and also Straight Story which I definately want to see again at the cinema (I could watch this film all day). It's sad about Richard Farnsworth though, commiting suicide because of the pain of his illness, he was a brilliant actor. I find it ironic that what he did mirrors the impetuous nature Alvin in Straight Story… ‘art imitates life’ and all that.