Matt Jones

The Marvels of Technology

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This afternoon, I gave a talk to a group of final year photography students about the wonders of technology and how they should embrace it in their work. It was a tough task and I could sense a level of frustration (almost depression) about the fact that they are in the final year of a course that won't really get them very far in the big wide world (I know how they feel because I have been in the very same position). I told them that the future of web-based media doesn't lie in the programmers and web geeks that shape todays internet, but rather in the visual creators; the animators, photographers and film-makers who are still trying to find their way on the web. I reckon a new generation of designers will prevail, people who have a completely different set of skills than todays average web designer. I think I at least cheered ‘em up a bit anyway.