Matt Jones

American Pool Rules

I’m thinking of starting some sort of campaign to get American pool rules played in pubs instead of flakey rules we play here in the UK. I mean, British rules allow you to play crafty snookers behind your own colour ball, making it impossible for the opponent to get a clear shot. This kind of ‘ungentlemanly’ play is made a bit more difficult with the American rules because (correct me if I’m wrong), the cue ball or object ball has to hit a cushion when a shot is played. Also, the American rules allow your opponent to reposition the cue ball anywhere on the table when you commit a foul. This is much better than having 2 shots because there are occasions when having 2 shots doesn’t give you any advantage. What I want to know is who did come up with British pool rules and what made them decide to change them from the original rules?