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3D interface and video at egoland. I enjoy innovative Flash sites and interface design, but even though Flash is becoming a standard, and now has good cross-platform compatibility, I think web designers are forgetting what the World Wide Web is. It is easy for a designer to become obsessed with jaw-dropping graphics and animation and forget that the web can be more than than a race to produce the flashiest piece of web design. I think that being ‘online’ is almost a sense, like you're connected to something that's constantly changing. Browsing through k10k whilst eating my lunch gives me this sense (ok.. so it's down at the moment), checking the latest news on the BBC site also gives me this sense. The majority of web sites (particularly ones which are purely generated by flash), don't - they may have loads of moving graphics but they are static in the sense that they never change. I will visit once, be impressed and forget about it. When they are updated, it is usually after they have been online for 6 months and it's time to revamp the whole site with the latest in cutting edge design. I really hope this isn't the future of the World Wide Web.